Monday, April 19, 2010

Intros are fun!

Welcome to my blog, starring me—Holistic Lee! Well, just Lee.

The reason I wanted to start this is because I wanted to have a resource, a community, with an avid interest in CAM (complementary and alternative medicine). I’m like a lot of Americans—obese. And it’s painful to deal with…not just psychologically and emotionally, but it’s just fact that healthy people are just NOT obese. Obesity is an excess accumulation of fat, and nothing is beneficial to us in excess. And if we understand holism, we understand that obesity and acne (another affliction of mine) are the end results of an unhealthy lifestyle. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. I want to be whole. Healthy and whole.

And so, I blog. I’m in my mid-20’s now (gasp!), and I do not feel happy, healthy, nor free. More than just spilling my guts, I want to explore a new way of life and a new way of thinking. Hopefully, I can hear from some of you (any of you!) and read about your experiences. My sister rubs peppermint oil on my nieces' temples when they have headaches. What do you do? I'm also in the market for a water distiller, do any of you use water distillers? I’d also love to hear from the urban dwellers, as I’m based in New York City. I hope to add some restaurant reviews and try some yoga studios and blog about that. Maybe this blog can be the catalyst for me to become a vibrant member of the natural community. Well, that's what I intend for this to be.

Please, reach out to me! I need the feedback!

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