Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Master Cleanse Day #1

Okay, well like I said in my previous post, I’m embarking on a 30-day Master Cleanse. It’s ambitious, but I really want to kick start my new lifestyle and I think I should go big, dramatic with it. It’s also a huge plus that I’m not working at the moment—I have nothing but time to devote to getting myself together, especially physically. I weigh 202.5 lbs., and I'm 5'6" tall. I feel like I have the biggest waist of all time, due to poor eating habits and a lousy digestive schedule. I think I…go about twice a week, which I hate to even admit.

The first step in the process is drinking the herbal laxative tea the night before you wish to start. I drank about 16oz. of Yogi's Get Regular tea at 11pm, and I'm setting my alarm clock to 5am to start the Salt Water Flush: two teaspoons (maybe I'll try three) of sea salt in 32oz. of purified or spring water to cleanse the entire intestinal tract. Right now I'm just on the internet researching results on the MC, and listening to Omar Lyefook's "Saturday". Usually when I cleanse, I'll want to cut out TV and internet and music to clear my mind for optimal spiritual cleansing. This time, not so much: I would like to be mentally clear though, so I can really begin writing again. I have a few ideas for some fiction and for some songs that I need to get down on paper ASAP. Another thing I'd like to address with this cleanse is my lack of focus and motivation. I've read about the different experiences people have on the MC and one aspect that sticks out is how they can "smell" toxicity: in the air, on people. I really hope this fast will help me "smell" the toxicity in my house and help me clean up this place! How can I have an optimal cleansing experience in such a chi-reducing space? We shall see...

ETA: I'm feeling a bit gassy; I think that tea is already working. It's recommended that you wean off of meat and dairy products precluding the actual fast. But I went to a Chinese buffet with my mom, ate so much crap, then I drank an Arizona juice and had 9 (yes, nine!) strawberry-filled soft cookies. Lawd, my first few days will be hell, somebody pray for me...

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