Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Master Cleanse Day #1a

So, I didn’t go to sleep last night until 3am-ish. That wasn’t a good look. I did, however, have a small BM before I got into bed (I knew that tea was working!). I set the alarm to go off at 5:05 to start with the Salt Water Flush (SWF), a mere two hours later. You know I damn near threw the phone across the room when I heard the alarm going off. I got up for real at 9, and I was just so relieved to have access to the bathroom. I really wanted to have a good 1st day, since the next 36 hours are going to be really trying for me. My uncle has a very peculiar fixation with the bathroom. He likes to take unnecessary time washing up, constantly looking at himself in the mirror, just very…strange. And vain as hell, too. He’s even worse when he’s preparing for work: he jumps whenever my mom or I look like we’re headed to the bathroom. He always will say, “Oh! Oh man, I was just about to go get in there!” Whenever he ducks outta the bathroom to go eat breakfast, we’re praising the Lord for our 30-45 minute window to use it! And before you ask: yes. Yes, we have talked, screamed, argued, pleaded, and appealed to him, with him. And nothing works. Another thing I have to add is that he begins his day anywhere between 4:45-7am; when will I have time to drink the Salt Water Flush, wait for it to work, and then make my eliminations in peace? I’d rather get up late (after he’s gone by 11:30am), or just do them a few times a week as opposed to every morning. Or maybe on the days I don't do the SWF, I can just drink the laxative tea. sigh I’m definitely looking to eliminate DRAMA on this cleanse: is that possible? LOL

But my 1st day progressed uneventfully, which is good. I do feel a bit fuzzy as the day draws to a close, though, and my mouth feels really gummy. I made enough lemonade for the entire day, which is about 64 oz. That’s ¾ cup of maple syrup, ¾ cup of juiced lemons, 60 oz. of distilled water, and ½ tsp. of cayenne pepper. I didn’t add the cayenne to the main mix because I read that the cayenne actually gets more potent if it sits in pre-mixed lemonade, so I just add it with each serving. Can I also tell you how annoying it was to juice these damn lemons? It take four lemons to make ¾ cup of juice. I bought a citrus juice a while back from Macy’s, a Cuisinart CCJ-100. It has a heavy motor base, two removable parts (the spout and the corer), and a clear lid. It has spins both clockwise and counterclockwise to get the most juice from the fruit, and it had a “final spin” to extract juice from all the leftover pulp. Easy to assemble and clean, awesome. But when I plugged the damn thing in, and put the lemon onto the corer, it totally “walked” all over the counter! So I had to hold down the machine with one hand, and press the lemon down with the other. That little thing packs some serious torque! So that part was annoying, and I’m not looking forward to juicing lemons for the next 30 days, for real. Furthermore, according to what I’ve read online (misplaced the directions), you’re supposed to press the clear lid over the corer with no fruit, and it’s supposed to extract (think of an industrial washing machine’s final spin) the rest of the pulp. So I pressed and leaned and nothing! I must have flushed a pound of good lemon pulp down the toilet! I made all that lemonade at about 4pm, and I’ve only gotten through half of it. So I’m gonna try to down the rest of it before I go to bed in an hour or so. After I drink it all, I’ve gotta drink the laxative tea. Blah.

On another note, I’m really enjoying “Detroit 1-8-7”. I don’t watch dramas, but this one isn’t bad. I’m able to follow the storylines, and I’m interested in more of the characters’ backstories. The acting is a little uneven at times—not so much with the leads, but definitely with the suspects. I see the writers are trying to be a bit edgy, too. Like I said on another forum, I’m not from the D so as far as authenticity, I really can’t call it. I heard some locals are not feeling it. But I hope they don’t cancel it anytime soon, I want to see more.

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